Long Hai Fruity Jelly

Gift from Nature

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Long Hai Fruity Jelly

Gift from Nature

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Long Hai Fruity Jelly

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Long Hai Fruity Jelly

Long Hai Fruity Jelly - Gift from Nature

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News & Events

Official Fanpage page of Long Hai jellyfish jelly

Since October 2013, Long Hai Co., Ltd. has officially launched the official Fanpage site for...

Long Hai Co., Ltd is honored to receive the National Quality Gold Award in 2014

Following the Silver Award - National Quality Award in 2013, Long Hai Co., Ltd. continued to...

Inaugurated Thach Caramel production workshop

New product line: Jelly Egg & Caramel prepared to be marketed, marked by the inauguration...

Information about seaweed and Carrageenan powder

The vegetable plants in the South Central Coast are bestowed by nature to Vietnam by many...